IT Service Management (ITSM)

IT Service Management (Information technology service management) is a process-based approach for aligning information technology (IT) service delivery with business goals, with a focus on customer benefits.

The primary goal is to provide excellent service to the end consumer. ITS entails a shift away from managing IT as a collection of each unit or towards delivering end-to-end services using best practice process models.

Arramton’s ITSM Consultants:

  • Provides ITIL consultancy services, which involve integrating ITIL best standards to our client’s requirements.
  • Based on the ServiceNow and Jira platforms, recommend the best solution for your concerns.
  • Modify the platforms to fit your company's needs.

Challenges We Solve:-

Companies may confront plenty of ITSM-related issues. They might be wide or narrow in scope. Regardless, we can support you in tackling any of them, for example:

  • IT support in distributed business units is inefficient An ITS solution will speed up IT support activities across a distributed IT environment by providing a single view of IT processes and infrastructure.
  • The difficulty of keeping track of vendors' performance
  • Arramton's team can set up a vendor assessment reason that lets evaluating and convenient, and compliant with your business's workflows. In this way, you can benefit from greater monitoring and make sure that the IT services you give to users are of excellent quality.

  • Failure to manage numerous IT service vendors with distinct areas of responsibility and varied SLAs
  • Integrating your ITSM system with that of your suppliers, as well as customizing Service Level Management functionality and designing separate task workflows for different providers, can all help your firm manage many vendors successfully. Your organization may deal with overlapping areas of responsibility by developing systematic problem management and paying particular attention to uncovering the cause with Arramton's ITSM knowledge.

  • Inability to evaluate the performance of IT staff
  • We can assist you in measuring KPIs for IT employees, assignment groups, and regional units using the information on IT employee performance. It will make it easy to see and react to performance patterns.

  • Financial management for IT services is disorganized
  • You may obtain visibility into IT service expenses, identify the sources of IT costs, and determine whether they stay under budget using Financial Management capability integrated into your ITSM solution.

  • IT service management, there is a lack of proactive efforts
  • Our experts can help your IT support investigate and dig out the causes of such incidents, preventing them from happening again, by planning and implementing Problem Management. They can also implement and optimize Event Management to assist your ITSM specialists in monitoring the health of your IT infrastructure, uncovering alarming events, and preventing outages caused by these events. Problem and Event Management will assist you in achieving high IT service availability while also reducing costs

  • Mergers and acquisitions make it very difficult to solve ITSM challenges
  • We can assist you with importing individuals, groups, corporations, departments, and locations into your instance, allowing you to easily handle mergers and acquisitions. Arramton can undertake essential migrations or integrations to build a balanced ITSM-ecosystem for your companies if the scope of mergers or acquisitions needs to be expanded.